Our vision

An Australian social service system that offers healing, hope, empowerment and inclusion, to people experiencing mental distress, economic disadvantage or social exclusion; and a positive approach to increasing social and emotional wellbeing for all Australians. Everyone can access the assistance they need, when they need it, and in the way that best meets their unique needs.


Our mission

To drive innovation through leadership.

We are committed to developing, resourcing and supporting the growing mental health, disability and community services workforce in Australia, including the enhancement of a much needed peer workforce comprising people with personal experiences of mental health challenges or living with a disability.

Our philosophy

We believe that increasing demand placed on existing social services, increasing numbers of individuals experiencing mental health issues throughout Australia, and the current challenges associated with changing systems, necessitates an empowered, empathic and creative workforce of individuals committed to contemporary practice principles. 

By investing in frontline workers, first-line managers, and self-employed micro-business owners, we aim to create a ripple effect throughout the social service system that will generate recognisable shifts in practice in the next ten years and beyond.

We are equally committed to embodying and upholding recovery principles and values in everything we do, from our organisational approach and program design to our interactions with stakeholders. In particular, we see the value of lived experience of mental distress as providing an unparalleled insight into the trauma and challenges, as well as the uniqueness, of individual recovery journeys. We believe this is paramount to the maturity of a recovery-oriented mental health system. As such, we seek to collaborate and work with mental health professionals, trainers or advocates with lived experience whenever possible, in order to incorporate consumer and carer perspectives into our initiatives.

Verge Collaborative Limited is a social enterprise, registered as a not-for-profit Australian charity. Our founders formerly coordinated our existing professional development programs under the banner of Mental Health Workforce Development Consultants. 



Nat Ellis

Nat Ellis is the Founder and Director of Verge Collaborative Limited.

Nat has been developing people and leaders for over 20 years and is committed to empowering and inspiring leaders, particularly those working in mental health. Nat is a passionate advocate for Australia to have a recovery-oriented mental health system that recognises the value of lived experience, actively supports people to heal and flourish, and reduces the impact and incidence of mental health issues.

During time in senior management roles in the mental health and disability sectors, Nat identified that increasing recovery-oriented practice throughout the system would require a shift in attitudes and values, increased knowledge and understanding of recovery, and ultimately the transformation of mental health practice and service provision. Nat firmly believes that this cannot be done without the involvement of people with lived experience of mental health challenges.

With that experience and inspiration, Nat has founded Verge Collaborative to support and resource the people who want to change the mental health system from the inside out.  This venture brings together Nat's passion for social justice, commitment to the empowerment and development of people, extensive leadership training experience, and above all, an intense love of learning. 

A self-confessed learning addict, Nat has completed courses and training in quite different environments, and is rarely not undertaking some kind of study. Nat has a diverse range of formal qualifications, including an MBA, Master of Mental Health, Master of Science in Coaching Psychology, Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Diplomas in Community Sector Management, HR Management, Accounting and Psychotherapy, and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment. More recently, Nat completed an entrepreneurship development program offered by the School for Social Entrepreneurs, and a business development program run by Business Blueprint.

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