Verge is building and supporting a community of self-employed people who apply their unique expertise to provide niche services within the disability, mental health and community service sectors.


Nat Ellis

Nat has been developing people and leaders for over 20 years and is committed to empowering and inspiring leaders, particularly those working in mental health, disability and community services. Nat designs and facilitates professional development workshops and programs that inspire and support people to better understand themselves, their environments, and others; and to apply their learning in the real world.

Nat has founded Verge Collaborative to support and resource the people who want to change the social service system from the inside out. This venture brings together Nat's passion for social justice, commitment to the empowerment and development of people, extensive leadership training experience, and above all, an intense love of learning. 

Email Nat, or find Nat on LinkedIn.


BÉ Aadam

Bé identifies as a person with lived experience and has been in recovery for over a decade. He has experienced various clinical and alternative treatment methods during this time, which has given him insight into how the public and community mental health systems operate.

Bé has been collaborating with us since the beginning of 2015. Throughout that time he has brought first-hand experience of recovery to the Development Advisory Team for the Recovery-Oriented Leader Development Program, and to our Recovery-Oriented Practice Workshops.

Additionally, as a trained PeerZone facilitator, Bé coordinates and delivers PeerZone workshops to consumers in the hope of inspiring them to improve their wellbeing and to participate as active citizens, in the way they choose, as valued members of society. Currently we are assisting Bé to establish his newest project - Recovery-Oriented Practice Evaluation Service (ROPES) - which engages consumers in reviewing and measuring mental health services and work practices.

When not collaborating with Verge, Bé is busy working as a researcher, trainer, consultant and advocate in a variety of contexts within the mental health sector. He has a Bachelor of Arts (IV Hons) and a Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment.



Chris has founded Free Flight Emu in response to the complex challenges faced by under-equipped not-for-profits, government, and socially-oriented ventures as they transition into new market environments. In particular, Free Flight Emu provides operational realignment and change support services, focussing on strategic sustainability and good governance, at all times aligned with mission and values.

Through Free Flight Emu’s realignment services, clients have decreased costs whilst increasing community access to valuable and cost-free health services, established new and innovative service responses to identified community needs, received new funding previously unavailable to them, and embedded cultures of learning and continuous improvement to the benefit of service recipient outcomes and experience.

Email Chris, or find him on Twitter and Free Flight Emu's website.


Madeleine is the founder of Meeting Minds Training; a social enterprise specialising in providing training in Mental Health First Aid to anyone who has an interest in supporting the mental health of the young people they know - including parents, teachers, youth workers, sports coaches, young people themselves, and others.

With an educational background in Sociology and Community Development, Madeleine started her career in homelessness and youth services before becoming interested in mental health. She discovered a passion for mental health promotion while working for mental health organisations including headspace and Way Ahead (formerly the Mental Health Association of NSW), with a particular focus on helping communities, not for profit, government and corporate organisations to build mental health literacy and skills.

Madeleine is interested in the ways that the systems around us can impact upon our health and how communities respond to health challenges. Email Madeleine.



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